Year 12 Final HSC Preparation – College Students Only

Year 12 Final HSC Preparation

  • This form is for current McDuff English College students only.

    Please read instructions carefully which are below the form.
  • Please tick each exam below that you will be sitting online.

    Please tick the exam dates below so we know you have understood when they are being held. Each exam will have 1/2 hour follow on.
  • Final Submissions

    Please note (tick when noted please) the dates for final submissions of work. NO work will be looked after the submission date. NB: LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE LOOKED AT SO YOU NEED TO BE ORGANISED.
  • Choose your final individual session 1 Hour - you must give AT LEAST 4 options

    This will be the very last time you will see us. :( No essays/creatives will be looked at after your final session. There will be no make-ups given for the final session.
Please read the instructions carefully.

You need to:

  1. Tick the exam times so we know you have acknowledged the dates.
  2. Tick the final submission times so we know you have acknowledged the dates. You do not need to submit your work if you feel it is polished enough already.
  3. Choose your final Individual Time. (Those of you who need extra time for memory work choose earlier dates to allow the extra time. Extension 1 students do not choose 29th, 30th September or 3rd, 4th October because Craig needs time to mark your submissions).

In regards to the Individual times – the more you select the easier it will be to place you.

If you can not attend any times you will have to forfeit. No credit will be given.

Times will be allocated on a first in first served basis where possible.

NB: The individual session with Craig will be your last lesson  Image result for shock emoji where everything is finalised. NO EMAILS WILL BE LOOKED AT AFTER THIS SESSION Image result for shock emoji  so please be organised. After your last session the time before your HSC should be used for consolidation, memory work and practice.

Also due to the complex nature of the timetables we will not move the times around. If you organise a swap with someone else we will need to know asap.

If there is a name beside the time already that time has been taken.

NB: Final submission (take careful note of the dates for final submission because we will not mark the essays/creatives if sent AFTER the dates)