The Team

Director of McDuff English College – Carolina Salvo 

Born in Melbourne, Australia, to immigrant parents, I grew up with a strong sense of determination and a love of learning. From a young age, I was always drawn to express my creativity, whether it was through writing short stories, debating, performing on stage etc. This passion for the arts and creation would later inspire me to complete my Bachelor of Education. I love inspiring and motivating students to test themselves and pursue adventures challenge their boundaries.  As a first-generation Australian, I understand the importance of education and how it can change lives. I am passionate about helping young people from all backgrounds reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. In addition to my love for teaching, I am a proud mum to a lively toddler. Balancing my career and motherhood has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. As a working mum, I have learned the importance of time management, patience, and flexibility.

Carolina Salvo. B.Ed High School Specialist Teacher & Director McDuff English College