Yr 12 class of 2023 time allocations

Current Year 11 students. Please fill in the form below and select as many times you think you can attend. This time will be your normal weekly time. 

School group (Sydney Girls) will all be placed on the same day over 2 x 2 hour time slot. You will then be divided into pairs for 1 hour or together as a group for 2 group x 2 hours.

Odd schools (Scots, Tempe, Sydney Tech, MLC, Al Faisal, Danebank, Trinity, PLC) you will be a 1:1 (1 hour) except for those times where you are doing the same text as another school.

Smaller school groups (Nth Sydney Boys, St George Girls, Sydney Boys)  you will be paired (1 hour) or tripled (1.5 hours) depending on how many in your school. Sometimes you will be placed in a larger group if the text matches.

During the term the exams and information sessions will be held on a Sunday between 8.30 – 11.00. During school holiday the time may vary. Take note you will be tutored each school holiday for at least the week before school returns.


ALL FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THIS THURSDAY 08th SETPEMBER. Remember first in usually gets their time.

Year 12 is expensive because there is a lot more involved to get you prepared for the big game next October. :

Some terms will be a little cheaper, some will be a little dearer.

  • Times for Year 12

    All students MUST keep Sunday morning 8.30 - 11.30 free as this is when we do our exams and group lecture sessions and/or Extension lessons. School groups of 5 or more you will be allocated a 2 hour timeslot but you will be split at times into a triple or double somewhere between the time allocated. Times are not guaranteed but will be allocated where possible on a first in basis. Please, if you are available early choose that early timeslot. You must give at least 4 times across different days.
  • Discounts

    NB: Some students will receive a loyalty discount if you have been with us since Year 7, 8 or Term 1 Yr 9. (Prep 7 - Term 1 Yr 7 = 10%. ) (Term 2 Yr 7 - Term 1 Yr 8 = 7%.) (Term 2 Yr 8 - Term 1 Yr 9 = 5%. ) Sibling discount (1 sibling = 5% off the year 12 fees.) (2 or more siblings = 10% off the year 12 fees.)